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Keshvari Enterprises, Inc. (KEI) Reporting Tool supports reporting bugs as well as making feature suggestions. To ensure that we are provided with detailed and complete information, certain areas on the bug report form are required for submission.

Submission Guidelines
  • Submit one problem or issue per report. One problem is easier to follow-up on, track, and fix.
  • Make the bug report easy to understand. Write your report clearly so that anyone can sit down and reproduce your bug.
  • Avoid using jargon or abbreviated words as the person reading the bug report may not know what you are referring to. If it is difficult for you to follow your own steps for reproducing a bug, it will be difficult for us too.
  • Test your bug before submitting it. Do the steps to reproduce your bug result in the error or bug every time?
  • Follow the recommended format. Include a detailed description, numbered reproduction steps, expected results, actual results, and any discussion or comments, including recommendations or work-arounds.
  • Attach any files that you think are relevant to the problem you are reporting. If you are attaching more than 1 file, please use a compression tool. Please limit your upload to a total of 2 MB. IMPORTANT: The time required to upload the files is based on your connection speed and the size of the files.

    If you need support in less than 24 hours, please call us directly at (214) 797-5374.